AWF Major Accomplishments


  1. Exceeded the 2019 Projected Budget by $57,818 (16.06%).
  2. Paid $138,101 extra principal payments on the church’s mortgage and deposited $37,984 in the church’s Reserve Savings Account.
  3. Increased official membership by 1.56% over the previous year.
  4. Sponsored Voters’ Registration Drives for local, state, and national elections, registering non-voters at church and in the Southeast Raleigh community.
  5. Disbursed $23,421 in Missions and Benevolence assistance.
  6. Sponsored two monthly Health Education Awareness Sundays.
  7. Honored 4 high school graduates with gifts and college stipends.
  8. Purchased school supplies and book bags for foster children--through our Foster Care Ministry--in partnership with Wake County Child Welfare.
  9. Partnered with Jobs for Life, Inc. and the SE Raleigh Community Center to help prepare unemployed individuals with soft job training skills for full-time job placement.
  10. Provided $50 gift cards to each family in the church for COVID relief assistance.
  11. Provided $50 gift cards to each family in the church for Thanksgiving assistance.